Hurricane Harvey


A few days ago Hurricane Harvey made landfall and devastated the city of Houston and parts of the state of Texas.  I watched and listened to the stories of families being displaced and losing everything they had when their homes flooded with water.  After hearing stories of neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers I felt God pulling in my heart to try to do something with the resources I had.  I’m by no means rich but I have some free time and a camera with a couple of rolls of film.  I also knew that my favorite time of the year was fast approaching and it made for a great opportunity to do what I love and give back to the families devastated by hurricane Harvey so I decided to offer 5 photoshoots to anyone in exchange for donations to a charity of your choice.  This could be for anything:  families, Christmas Cards, back-to-school, headshots, grandkids etc…  It’s a great gift idea for a loved one and a win win!  You can donate any amount you wish to give whether it be $20 or $200 or even more.  Your choice of where and to.  You can donate via their website or anyway you wish as long as you promise to eventually give.  It’s absolutely up to you and what your heart feels led to.  But most importantly pray for the families for peace and comfort as they rebuild what they have lost.  This will take years and countless sleepless nights to figure out what is next for hundreds and thousands of people.  So encourage and pray for them.

Some recommended charities are:

Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Global Giving

The Salvation Army


Thanks for taking the time to read this


Joe Hang


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